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🍓Berry Konfeednt🔥

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We have created something really AMAZING. We used our logo & stripped-off the original colors and we ended up using the Guatemalan Flag🇬🇹 colors to mix it with our brand. This Art🖼 is PURE QUALITY. We used:

.Red Oak wood🪵

.Acrylic Plastic instead of Glass.

.Glossy Paper for Art to be printed.

.Black Foam to hold Art.

.We popped nails with a Nail-Gun on each corner to make sure it does not break apart.

.We Stained the wood🪵 

.We applied Semi-Gloss to protect the Stain from fading away, to protect it from dents & to also so it can shine.

.We decided not to go the old-fashioned way. We provide 4 Sticking Strips so they can be attached to the Wall & the Art🖼 that way you don’t have to make any holes🕳 🕳 on any wall.  


Dimensions: 23x14 It’s a pretty big piece of Art🖼🇬🇹🍓🔥